Vagus vs Magus - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between vagus and magus

is that vagus is the vagus nerve or vagus can be (catholic) a homeless person or vagrant while magus is magician.



(wikipedia vagus)


  • The vagus nerve.
  • Noun

  • (Catholic) A homeless person or vagrant.
  • * 1922 , "Domicile", The Catholic encyclopedia , page 270
  • Though not referred in the Code as a domicile of origin, a child's place of origin is fixed by the place where his father had his domicile or, in defect of domicile, his quasi-domicile when the child was born, or where the mother had hers if the child was illegitimate or posthumous; if the parents were vagi it is the place where the child was born; if the child was a foundling the place where it was discovered.




  • (common usage) magician, and derogatorily sorcerer, trickster, conjurer, charlatan
  • (special usage) a Zoroastrian priest
  • : Note : the two meanings overlap in classical usage— both derive from the Greco-Roman identification of "Zoroaster" as the "inventor" of astrology and magic. The first meaning ('magician') derives from the sense of "practitioner of the Zoroaster's craft", and the second meaning ('priest') from the sense of "practitioner of Zoroaster's religion".


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