Maker vs Macer - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between maker and macer

is that maker is while macer is a mace bearer; an officer of a court.

As a verb maker

is .

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(en noun)
  • Someone who makes; a person or thing that makes or produces something.
  • (usually, capitalized and preceded by the) God.
  • A poet.
  • * 2000 , , The Book of Prefaces , Bloomsbury 2002, p. 9:
  • It is refreshing to read how makers find great allies in the past to help them tackle the present. It helps us to see that literature is a conversation across boundaries of nation, century and language.
  • (obsolete, legal) Someone who signs a cheque or promissory note, thereby becoming responsible for payment.
  • Derived terms

    * brushmaker * homemaker * troublemaker * widow-maker


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    (en noun)
  • A mace bearer; an officer of a court.
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