Reduces vs Lowers - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between reduces and lowers

is that reduces is (reduce) while lowers is (lower).




  • (reduce)
  • Anagrams

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  • To bring down the size, quantity, quality, value or intensity of something; to diminish, to lower, to impair.
  • * to reduce weight, speed, heat, expenses, price, personnel etc.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2012-01
  • , author=Stephen Ledoux , title=Behaviorism at 100 , volume=100, issue=1, page=60 , magazine= citation , passage=Becoming more aware of the progress that scientists have made on behavioral fronts can reduce the risk that other natural scientists will resort to mystical agential accounts when they exceed the limits of their own disciplinary training.}}
  • To lose weight.
  • To bring to an inferior rank; to degrade, to demote.
  • * to reduce a sergeant to the ranks
  • * An ancient but reduced family. --.
  • * Nothing so excellent but a man may fasten upon something belonging to it, to reduce it. --.
  • * Having reduced their foe to misery beneath their fears. -- .
  • * Hester Prynne was shocked at the condition to which she found the clergyman reduced . --.
  • *
  • Neither [Jones] nor I (in 1966) could conceive of reducing our "science" to the ultimate absurdity of reading Finnish newspapers almost a century and a half old in order to establish "priority."
  • To humble; to conquer; to subdue; to capture.
  • * to reduce a province or a fort
  • To bring to an inferior state or condition.
  • * to reduce a city to ashes
  • (cooking) To decrease the liquid content of food by boiling much of its water off.
  • (chemistry) To add electrons / hydrogen or to remove oxygen.
  • (metallurgy) To produce metal from ore by removing nonmetallic elements in a smelter.
  • (mathematics) To simplify an equation or formula without changing its value.
  • (legal) To convert to written form (Usage note: this verb almost always take the phrase "to writing").
  • * It is important that all business contracts be reduced to writing.
  • (medicine) To perform a reduction; to restore a fracture or dislocation to the correct alignment.
  • (military) To reform a line or column from (a square).
  • Synonyms

    * (to bring down) cut, decrease, lower


    * (to bring down) increase

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    * reducing agent


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  • (lower)
  • Anagrams

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    Etymology 1

    From (low) +


  • (low)
  • bottom; more towards the bottom than the middle of an object
  • (geology, of strata or geological time periods) older
  • Antonyms
    * (more low) higher * (bottom) upper * (older) upper


  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • To let descend by its own weight, as something suspended; to let down
  • lower a bucket into a well
    to lower a sail of a boat
  • to pull down
  • to lower a flag
    Lowered softly with a threefold cord of love / Down to a silent grave. .
  • To reduce the height of
  • lower a fence or wall
    lower a chimney or turret
  • To depress as to direction
  • lower the aim of a gun
  • To make less elevated
  • to lower one's ambition, aspirations, or hopes
  • To reduce the degree, intensity, strength, etc., of
  • lower the temperature
    lower one's vitality
    lower distilled liquors
  • To bring down; to humble
  • lower one's pride
  • (reflexive) (lower oneself ) To humble oneself; to do something one considers to be beneath one's dignity.
  • I could never lower myself enough to buy second-hand clothes.
  • To reduce (something) in value, amount, etc.
  • lower the price of goods
    lower the interest rate
  • To fall; to sink; to grow less; to diminish; to decrease
  • The river lowered as rapidly as it rose.
  • To decrease in value, amount, etc.
  • Synonyms
    * bring down * shorten * * reduce * reduce, turn down * * be humble * cut, reduce * die off, drop, fall, fall off, shrink * become/get smaller, become/get lower, lessen, reduce

    Etymology 2


    (en verb)
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