Large vs Loud - What's the difference?

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As an adjective large

is of considerable or relatively great size or extent.

As a noun large

is (music|obsolete) an old musical note, equal to two longas, four breves, or eight semibreves.

As a proper noun loud is





  • Of considerable or relatively great size or extent.
  • *
  • , title=(The Celebrity), chapter=2 , passage=We drove back to the office with some concern on my part at the prospect of so large a case. Sunning himself on the board steps, I saw for the first time Mr. Farquhar Fenelon Cooke.}}
  • (obsolete) Abundant; ample.
  • * Milton
  • We have yet large day.
  • (archaic) Full in statement; diffuse; profuse.
  • * Felton
  • I might be very large upon the importance and advantages of education.
  • (obsolete) Free; unencumbered.
  • * Fairfax
  • Of burdens all he set the Paynims large .
  • (obsolete) Unrestrained by decorum; said of language.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Some large jests he will make.
  • (nautical) Crossing the line of a ship's course in a favorable direction; said of the wind when it is abeam, or between the beam and the quarter.
  • Synonyms

    (checksyns) * big, huge, giant, gigantic, enormous, stour, great, mickle, largeish * See also


    * small, tiny, minuscule

    Derived terms

    * as large as life, larger than life * by and large * enlarge * give it large * have it large * large it, large up, large it up * largely * largeness * writ large * largish


  • (music, obsolete) An old musical note, equal to two longas, four breves, or eight semibreves.
  • (obsolete) Liberality, generosity.
  • A thousand dollars.
  • Getting a car tricked out like that will cost you 50 large .

    Derived terms

    * at large




    * (l), (l), (l), (l), (l) 1000 English basic words 200 English basic words ----



    Alternative forms

    * lowd (obsolete)


  • (of a sound) Of great intensity.
  • *
  • , title=(The Celebrity), chapter=4 , passage=Mr. Cooke at once began a tirade against the residents of Asquith for permitting a sandy and generally disgraceful condition of the roads. So roundly did he vituperate the inn management in particular, and with such a loud flow of words, that I trembled lest he should be heard on the veranda.}}
  • Noisy.
  • * Bible, Proverbs vii. 11
  • She is loud and stubborn.
  • Not subtle or reserved, brash.
  • Having unpleasantly and tastelessly contrasting colours or patterns; gaudy.
  • Synonyms

    * garish, gaudy


    * (sound) quiet, soft * (person) quiet

    Derived terms

    * aloud * loudhailer * loudly * loudmouth * loudness * loudspeaker


    (en adverb)
  • Loudly.
  • Anagrams

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