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As an adjective armenia

is .

As a proper noun lomavren is

the mixed language of the armenian lom people (the bosha), spoken by a tiny number of persons mostly in armenia but also azerbaijan, russia and syria and consisting chiefly of armenian grammar and pronunciation with an indic-derived vocabulary.

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Proper noun

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  • (historical) Ancient kingdom in the Armenian Highland southeast of Black Sea and southwest of Caspian Sea; area now divided between Turkey, Republic of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran.
  • A small country in Western Asia. Official name: Republic of Armenia. Official language: Armenian. Capital: Yerevan.
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    (Lomavren language)

    Proper noun

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  • The mixed language of the Armenian Lom people (the Bosha), spoken by a tiny number of persons mostly in Armenia but also Azerbaijan, Russia and Syria and consisting chiefly of Armenian grammar and pronunciation with an Indic-derived vocabulary.
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