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Lolicon vs Ephebophilia - What's the difference?

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Ephebophilia is a related term of lolicon.

As nouns the difference between lolicon and ephebophilia

is that lolicon is the sexual attraction to young girls while ephebophilia is a sexual preference in which an adult's primary sexual attraction is towards late pubescent or postpubescent adolescents.


Alternative forms

* lolicom, loli-con, lolikon * roricon/rorikon (influenced by Japanese pronunciation) * loli (informal shortening)


  • (uncountable, anime) The sexual attraction to young girls.
  • * 1995 April 4, Joseph L. Petrow, “Marmalade Boy - Just Plain Screwed Up!!”, rec.arts.anime, Usenet :
  • I got many flames for denoucing Nacchan's Lolicon ways a few months back!
  • * 2004 , Patrick Macias, Tomohiro Machiyama, Cruising The Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo (Stone Bridge Press), page 48:
  • Innocence ’s story—about female sex androids that kill their owners—is possible only in a Lolicon country like Japan. The androids are modeled after little girls[.]
  • * 2008 , Kenny Loui, Tokyo Phantasmagoria: An Analysis of Politics , page 69:
  • This work can be considered a commentary on Japan's sexual fetishisms, inclusive of BDSM and lolicon , [...]
  • (countable, anime) An individual fixated on young, generally prepubescent, girls.
  • * 1993 October 29, "Eldrick Tobin, Master of Perversion" (username), "The Arc: Joyful Noise Omakefic Unit 01: Sentenced: A Fanboys! Crossover "jnomk01.txt" (1/1)", in alt.hentai.sailor-moon, Usenet :
  • I don't need to hear you are becoming a lolicon .
  • * 1998 March 9, "Chadwick Ngan" (username), "BLAND Manga Capsules 3/4/98", in rec.arts.manga, Usenet :
  • Ken's a lolicon (pedophile).
  • * 2000 July 6, "OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol" (username), ":: chokes :: :: passes out ::", in alt.hentai.sailor-moon, Usenet :
  • Hey, don't take me for a lolicon : I'm not! It is just that I find that kind of anime... fun, refreshing.
  • (uncountable, anime) Erotic or suggestive art depicting prepubescent females.
  • * 1989 September 23, Mark Crispin, “bringing stuff into the US from Japan”, soc.culture.japan, Usenet
  • If you are into bishojo, loli-con , or bishonen materials, be advised that customs *does* frown on what might be considered pornography.
  • * 1993 March 27, Rafael Brown, “Anime Potrayal of Japanese Women”, rec.arts.anime, Usenet
  • the whole gamut of lolicon and girls-with-guns genres
  • * 2006 , Lawrence Eng, Otaku Engagements: subcultural appropriation of science and technology , page 168:
  • Some critics of lolicon claim that those who enjoy it also necessarily enjoy real child porn [...]
  • * 2010 , Sarah D. Goode, Understanding and Addressing Adult Sexual Attraction to Children: a Study of Paedophiles in Contemporary Society , page 29:
  • Bizarrely, viewing and collecting lolicon seems to have become a subcultural norm, especially in Japan, [...]
  • * 2010 , Paul M. Malone, From BRAVO to Animexx.de to Export'', in ''Boys’ Love Manga , page 33:
  • Most importantly, because German child pornography and child abuse laws forbid representation of children as sexual objects, there is a complete ban on shota or lolicon .

    See also

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    * Porn Studies , page 101, Linda Williams (editor), Duke University Press, 2004 July * Chambers's Encyclopædia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People




  • a sexual preference in which an adult's primary sexual attraction is towards late pubescent or postpubescent adolescents
  • philia for an ephebe
  • Derived terms

    * ephebophile * ephebophilic