Hefty vs Lofty - What's the difference?

hefty | lofty |

As an adjective hefty

is heavy.

As a proper noun lofty is

(informal) nickname for a tall (usually male) person.




  • heavy
  • She carries a hefty backpack full of books.
  • strong, bulky
  • They use some hefty bolts to hold up road signs.
  • (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful; powerfully or heavily built.
  • He was a tall, hefty man.
  • impressive, mighty
  • Usage notes

    * Nouns to which "hefty" is often applied: price tag, premium, profit, price, penalty, fine, portion, salary, gain, increase, amount, sum, check, fee.




  • high, tall, having great height or stature
  • * {{quote-book
  • , year=1862 , author=George Borrow , title=Wild Wales , chapter=98 citation , passage=On my left was a river, which came roaring down from a range of lofty mountains right before me to the south-east.}}
    a lofty bed
  • idealistic, implying over-optimism
  • a lofty goal
  • * 2013 , Delme Parfitt in Wales Online'', ''Cardiff City 1 - 0 Swansea City: Steven Caulker heads Bluebirds to South Wales derby win (3 November 2013)
  • A goal from Steven Caulker, just after the hour mark, was enough to hand victory to Malky Mackay's men, with Swansea falling some way short of the lofty standards they have set previously at this level.
  • extremely proud; arrogant; haughty
  • * F. Harrison
  • that lofty pity with which prosperous folk are apt to remember their grandfathers