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As nouns the difference between loanword and median

is that loanword is a word directly taken into one language from another one with little or no translation while median is .

As a adjective median is

situated in the middle; central, intermediate.

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Alternative forms

* loan word


(wikipedia loanword) (en noun)
  • A word directly taken into one language from another one with little or no translation.
  • The word ''exit'' is a loanword from Latin.
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  • Synonyms

    * borrowing * foreign word (informal)

    See also

    * calque * semantic loan * loan translation * foreign word English compound words



    (wikipedia median)


    (en noun)
  • * , II.3:
  • Why is not our jugular or throat-veine as much at our command as the mediane ?
  • * , II.5.2:
  • The Greeks prescribe the median or middle vein to be opened, and so much blood to be taken away as the patient may well spare, and the cut that is made must be wide enough.
  • (statistics) The quantity or value at the midpoint of a set of values, such that the variable is equally likely to fall above or below it; the middle value of a discrete series arranged in magnitude (or the mean of the middle two terms when there is an even number of terms).
  • (US) The median strip; the area separating two lanes of opposite-direction traffic.
  • Synonyms

    * (median strip) central reservation


  • Situated in the middle; central, intermediate.
  • (anatomy, botany) In the middle of an organ, structure etc.; towards the median plane of an organ or limb.
  • (statistics) Having the median as its value.
  • Derived terms

    * median line * median strip

    See also

    * average * mean * mode


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