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Hooper vs Loader - What's the difference?

hooper | loader |

As a proper noun hooper

is .

As a noun loader is

agent noun of load; a person or device that loads.



(wikipedia hooper)


(en noun)
  • One who applies hoops to casks or tubs.
  • Someone who hula hoops.
  • The European whistling, or wild, swan (Olor cygnus ); called also hooper swan, whooping swan, and elk.
  • loader


    (wikipedia loader)


    (en noun)
  • Agent noun of load; a person or device that loads.
  • There was only one loader for the truck today so it took him a long time to get everything moved.
    The auto-loader on the gun kept jamming so they did it manually.
  • (computing) A program that prepares other programs for execution.
  • A tractor with a scoop, for example: bucket loader, front-end loader, wheel loader, etc.
  • Derived terms

    * boot loader * front-end loader * speed loader


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