Biotic vs Liv - What's the difference?

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As an adjective biotic

is biotic.

As a proper noun liv is

a diminutive of the female given names olive and olivia.

As a noun liv is

a member of the livonian people.




  • Of, pertaining to, or produced by life or living organisms.
  • Synonyms

    * (pertaining to life) biologic, living, organic


    * (pertaining to life) abiotic

    Derived terms

    * abiotic



    Proper noun

    (en proper noun)
  • A diminutive of the female given names Olive and Olivia.
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • A member of the Livonian people.
  • * 1995 , Andrejs Plakans, The Latvians: A Short History (page 16)
  • We must assume that possession of the lands occupied by the Livs was simply asserted, just as designating the entire littoral as Livonia was asserted before the territory was fully conquered.
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