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Louisa vs Lisa - What's the difference?

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As proper nouns the difference between louisa and lisa

is that louisa is , a latinized form of louise used since the eighteenth century while lisa is .



Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • , a latinized form of Louise used since the eighteenth century.
  • * 1830 , Our Village: Fourth Series: Cottage Names:
  • But certainly there are some names which seem to belong to particular classes of character, to form the mind and even influence the destiny: Louisa', now; - is not your ' Louisa necessarily a die-away damsel, who reads novels, and holds her head on one side, languishing and given to love!



    Proper noun

  • .
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    Usage notes

    * Taken to general use as a full English given name in early 20th century. Very popular in the U.S. in the 1960s, and in the U.K. a decade later.


    * 1868 Concocted by William Meynell Whittmore (and others): Sunshine : page 138: *: Elizabeth coloured. *: "Oh, I don't want the doll called after me, if that is what you mean," she said, rather disdainfully. *: "Nonsense, Lisa !" laughed her father, "you ought to consider yourself highly honoured to have such a handsome lady as this for your namesake." * 1997 , Moon Tiger . Grove Press. ISBN0802135331 *: Lisa' is a better name. Claudia bangs, like the gong in the hall at Sotleigh. Bang - whoom! ' Lisa makes a nice silky noise, like streams or rain. * 2007 , My Latest Grievance ISBN 0618872353 page 16: *: Did I want to be burdened with a common name? Be the third Lisa and fourth Susan in my classroom? Darleen or Doreen or Maureen? *: I did.


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