Labial vs Liplike - What's the difference?

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Labial is a synonym of liplike.

As adjectives the difference between labial and liplike

is that labial is of or pertaining to the lips or labia while liplike is resembling a lip or some aspect of one.

As a noun labial

is (linguistics) a labial consonant.




  • Of or pertaining to the lips or labia
  • (linguistics) articulated by the lips, as the consonants b, m and w
  • (dentistry) Of an incisor or canine, on the side facing the lips. See mesial.
  • (music) Furnished with lips.
  • a labial organ pipe

    Derived terms

    * postlabial * prelabial

    Coordinate terms

    * * (linguistics) coronal, dorsal, radical, laryngeal


    (labial consonant) (en noun)
  • (linguistics) a labial consonant
  • (music) an organ pipe having a lip that influences its sound
  • Any of the scales bordering the mouth opening of a reptile.
  • Hyponyms

    * (linguistics) bilabial, labiodental

    Derived terms

    * labial artery * labial consonant * labial geyser * labial-alveolar consonant * labial-palatal approximant * labial-palatal consonant * bilabial click




    (en adjective)
  • Resembling a lip or some aspect of one.
  • Synonyms

    * labial