Leukaemic vs Leukaemia - What's the difference?

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Leukaemic is a related term of leukaemia.

As a adjective leukaemic

is characteristic of, or associated with leukaemia.

As a noun leukaemia is

(uk|oncology) (leukemia).

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(en adjective)
  • Characteristic of, or associated with leukaemia
  • leukaemia



    (en noun)
  • (UK)
  • * 1979 , Medical Association of South Africa, South African Medical Journal , Volume 55, Issues 1-14, page 9,
  • On the other hand, adult respiratory distress syndrome is a prominent complication in patients with acute leukaemia and to this must be added the whole spectrum of opportunistic infections.
  • * 1992', Charles L. Sawyers, ''The bcr-abl Gene in Chronic Myelogenous '''Leukaemia''''', Owen N. Witte (editor), ''Cancer Surveys, Volume 15: Oncogenes in the Development of '''Leukaemia , , page 37,
  • The molecular biologists? vision that the cloning of the chromosomal translocations found in human leukaemias' would lead to the identification of the genes that cause these '''leukaemias''' has become a reality with the demonstration that the fusion protein generated by the chromosomal translocation found in chronic myelogenous '''leukaemia''' (CML) can induce '''leukaemia in mice (Daley ''et al'', 1990; Kelliher ''et al , 1990).
  • * 2009', M. C. G. Israëls, ''The Shortcomings of Animal Research in Leukæmia'', Ciba Foundation Symposium, '''''Leukaemia Research , page 28,
  • In transmitted mouse leukaemia' the cells remain fixed in type, but tissue culture methods applied to human acute ' leukaemias show that these cells are not fixed in type.
  • * 2010 , Sheryl Persson, Smallpox, Syphilis and Salvation: Medical Breakthroughs That Changed the World , Exisle Publishing, NSW, page 283,
  • There are different types of childhood leukaemia', which can be classified as acute or chronic. In children, about 98 per cent of ' leukaemias are acute.