Length vs Zhang - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between length and zhang

is that length is the distance measured along the longest dimension of an object while zhang is a traditional chinese unit of length, 10 chinese feet or 1/150 chinese mile.

As a verb length

is (obsolete) to lengthen.




(en noun)
  • The distance measured along the longest dimension of an object.
  • duration
  • * Robert Frost
  • Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length .
  • (horse racing) The length of a horse, used to indicate the distance between horses at the end of a race.
  • (mathematics) Distance between the two ends of a line segment.
  • (cricket) The distance down the pitch that the ball bounces on its way to the batsman.
  • (figuratively) Total extent.
  • the length of a book
  • Part of something that is long; a physical piece of something.
  • a length of rope

    Derived terms

    * arm's length * at length * cable length * feature-length * floor-length * focal length * full-length * good length * go to great lengths * half-length * knee-length * lengthen * lengthful * length overall * lengthways * lengthwise * lengthy * line and length * null patch length * overlength * path length * screening length * short of a length * wavelength * zero-length launching


    (en verb)
  • (obsolete) To lengthen.
  • * 1599 , , XIV. 30:
  • Pack night, peep day; good day, of night now borrow: / Short night, to-night, and length thyself to-morrow.




  • A traditional Chinese unit of length, 10 Chinese feet or 1/150 Chinese mile.
  • Usage note

    The exact length of a zhang depends upon the jurisdiction, with mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong all employing differently standardized values of the Chinese foot. See .