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As a noun legger

is short for a bootlegger.

As an adjective legged is

having a certain type or number of legs.

As a verb legged is


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(en noun)
  • short for a bootlegger
  • "Oh, you mean the ex-legger the eldest girl picked up and went and married." - "The Big Sleep", by Raymond Chandler
  • (British, obsolete) A man employed by the owners of a canal to push boats through narrow canal tunnels. The legger would lie on his back on a piece of wood on the boat with his feet reaching to the tunnel wall, and walk it along. This could be done by the boat's crew, but the canals employed men specifically for the task because they could do it faster and prevent a tunnel becoming a bottleneck for traffic.
  • ---- ==Norwegian BokmÃ¥l==


  • legged


    Etymology 1


  • having a certain type or number of legs
  • Many of the big African spiders are hairy-legged .

    Etymology 2


  • (leg)