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  • (nonstandard) Incorrect capitalisation of Latinize. (latinize)

  • Latinize


    Alternative forms

    * Latinise (non-Oxford British spelling)


  • To translate something into the Latin language; or make a word similar in appearance to a Latin word.
  • Guglielmus is the Latinized form of William.
  • To transliterate something into the characters of the Latin script; to Romanize
  • The Cyrillic letter ? can be Latinized as L.
  • To make like the Roman Catholic Church or diffuse its ideas in.
  • to Latinize the Church of England



    Proper noun

    (en proper noun) (wikipedia Linnaeus)
  • Carl (or the latinized Carolus) Linnaeus, also known as Carl von LinnĂ©, Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist who laid the foundations for the modern scheme of nomenclature. He is known as the "father of modern taxonomy."
  • Usage notes

    In France, Germany and Spain (and possibly other countries) he would be known as Linné including in scholarly works and library references.

    Derived terms

    *Linnaean taxonomy

    See also

    *binomial nomenclature