Cascade vs Landslide - What's the difference?

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As a proper noun cascade

is an administrative district in seychelles.

As a noun landslide is

a natural disaster that involves the breakup and downhill flow of rock, mud, water and anything caught in the path.



(Webster 1913)


(en noun)
  • A waterfall or series of small waterfalls.
  • * Cowper
  • Now murm'ring soft, now roaring in cascade .
  • * Longfellow
  • The silver brook pours the white cascade .
  • (figuratively) A stream or sequence of a thing or things occurring as if falling like a cascade.
  • The rise in serotonin levels sets off a cascade of chemical events'' — Richard M. Restak, ''The Secret Life of the Brain , Joseph Henry Press, 2001
  • A series of electrical (or other types of) components, the output of any one being connected to the input of the next; See also daisy chain
  • (juggling) A pattern typically performed with an odd number of props, where each prop is caught by the opposite hand.
  • (Internet) A sequence of absurd short messages posted to a newsgroup by different authors, each one responding to the most recent message and quoting the entire sequence to that point (with ever-increasing indentation).
  • * 1993 , "e.j.barker", Disassociation'' (on Internet newsgroup ''alt.slack )
  • Don't you hate cascades ? I hate cascades!
  • * 1999 , "Anonymous", CYBERLIAR SCAVENGER HUNT 1999'' (on Internet newsgroup ''alt.test )
  • Spark a usenet cascade of no less than 300 replies.
  • * 2004 , "swt", ARRR!'' (on Internet newsgroup ''alt.religion.kibology )
  • Anyway. I didn't mean to say that everyone who posts URLs is bad and wrong and should lose their breathing privileges. Just that I was getting weary of look-at-this-link posts, sort of like some people get sick of cascades .

    Derived terms

    * cascadable * (juggling) reverse cascade, French cascade


  • To fall as a waterfall or series of small waterfalls.
  • To arrange in a stepped series like a waterfall.
  • * 2001 , Greg M Perry, Sams teach yourself Microsoft Windows XP in 24 hours
  • No matter how you tile or cascade the windows, each window's Minimize, Maximize, and Restore buttons work as usual.
  • To occur as a causal sequence.
  • (archaic, slang) To vomit.
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    (en noun)
  • A natural disaster that involves the breakup and downhill flow of rock, mud, water and anything caught in the path.
  • A vote won by a wide or overwhelming majority.
  • The candidate won by a landslide .


    * (natural disaster) earthfall, landslip

    See also

    * (natural disaster) avalanche, earthquake, mudslide * (politics) shoo-in