Lampshades vs Lampshaded - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between lampshades and lampshaded

is that lampshades is (lampshade) while lampshaded is (lampshade).

As a noun lampshades

is .

As an adjective lampshaded is

fitted with a lampshade.




  • Verb

  • (lampshade)
  • lampshaded



  • Fitted with a lampshade.
  • * 1992 , Mario Puzo, The fortunate pilgrim (page 49)
  • He would read and write in the draped and lampshaded living room with its carpeted floor, and he would welcome her with the fond yet pitying smile and say, “Did you have a good time with your family?"
  • * 2008 , Jim Cartwright, Supermarket supermodel (page 128)
  • There were lots of lampshaded lamps of different sizes all around him, maroon mainly, or red and fringed, and they were all full on, making him look pink.


  • (lampshade)