Slaughter vs Killed - What's the difference?

slaughter | killed |

As a proper noun slaughter

is .

As a verb killed is


As an adjective killed is

(metallurgy|of steel) deoxidized.

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Alternative forms

* (l) (obsolete)


  • (uncountable) The killing of animals, generally for food; ritual slaughter (kosher and halal).
  • A massacre; the killing of a large number of people.
  • * Milton
  • on war and mutual slaughter bent
  • A rout or decisive defeat.
  • Derived terms

    * kosher slaughter * lamb to the slaughter/like a lamb to the slaughter/come like a lamb to the slaughter * manslaughter * ritual slaughter * slaughterer * slaughterhouse * slaughterman * slaughterous


    (en verb)
  • To butcher animals, generally for food
  • To massacre people in large numbers
  • To kill in a particularly brutal manner
  • killed



  • (kill)
  • Derived terms

    * must have killed a Chinaman


  • (metallurgy, of steel) deoxidized