Stereo vs Keycode - What's the difference?

stereo | keycode |

As an adjective stereo

is stereo.

As a noun keycode is

(computing) a code that represents a keypress.




(en noun)
  • A system of recording or reproducing sound that uses two channels, each playing a portion of the original sound in such a way as to create the illusion of locating the sound at a particular position, each offset from the other, thereby more accurately imitating the location of the original sound when the recorded or reproduced sound is heard.
  • A device used for playing music, usually in the home, that reproduces sound using stereo.
  • He liked to listen to classical music on his stereo .


    * (device ): hi-fi, music centre


  • Of sound, music, etc, recorded in stereo.
  • Of a pair of images: one depicting the view as would be seen from one eye and the other from the other eye, so that when viewed appropriately, they combine to give an impression of three dimensions.
  • Synonyms

    * (of sound ): in stereo, stereophonic * (of a pair of images ): in stereo, stereographic


    * (sound ): mono, monophonic

    See also

    * surround sound


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    (en noun)
  • (computing) A code that represents a keypress.
  • A code that serves to unlock something, such as an electronic door or a car stereo (as an antitheft measure).
  • See also

    * scancode