Luke vs Kevin - What's the difference?

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As a verb luke

is to pull .

As a proper noun kevin is

, a less common spelling of kevin.



(wikipedia Luke)

Alternative forms

* (rare biblical abbreviation)

Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • .
  • * 2005 Dallas Hudgens, Drive Like Hell , Simon and Schuster, ISBN 0743251636, page 94:
  • "Your parents like Cool Hand Luke''''', yes?" "I don't really know. Why?" "Why? Because they name you '''Luke'''." I was worried I might have to explain that my name wasn't all that uncommon, and, anyway, Claudia had named me after the alter ego of Hank Williams, ' Luke the Drifter.
  • (Luke the Evangelist), an early Christian credited with the authorship of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.
  • * :
  • Luke , the beloved physician, and Demas, greet you.
  • (biblical) The Gospel of St. Luke, a book of the New Testament of the Bible. Traditionally the third of the four gospels.
  • kevin


    Proper noun

  • . It first became popular outside Ireland in the mid-twentieth century.
  • (British, pejorative, slang) A working-class male.
  • Quotations

    * 1990 Ruth Rendell: Going Wrong ISBN 0091743001 page 157: *: "Guy," he said. He said it slowly and with a certain puzzlement. He said it again, thoughtfully, as if it were a name of someone he had known long ago but couldn't quite place. "Guy. Yes - don't you find it difficult being called that? I mean, if Nora hadn't said, I'd have put you down as a Kevin , or a Barry. Yes, Barry would suit you." *: He looked like an innocent child, smiling, wide-eyed, his cheeks plump and rosy, defying the object of his insults to take offence. * 1996 Frank McCourt: Angela's Ashes . Harper Collins Publishers. ISBN 0 00 649840 X page 203: *: They sit by the fire smoking and talking about names. Mam says she likes the names Kevin' and Sean but Bridey says, Ah no, there's too many of them in Limerick. Jesus, Angela, if you stuck your head out of the door and called , ' Kevin or Sean, come in for your tea, you'd have half o' Limerick running to your door.

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