Memorize vs Keeping - What's the difference?

memorize | keeping |

As verbs the difference between memorize and keeping

is that memorize is to learn by heart, commit to memory while keeping is .

As a noun keeping is

conformity or harmony.



Alternative forms

* (UK) memorise


  • to learn by heart, commit to memory
  • *
  • * 2009 , A Practical Study of Argument (ISBN 0495603406), page 123:
  • Many years ago there was a rumor that a basketball star (Jerry Lucas of the New York Knicks) had memorized the entire Manhattan phone book.
  • * 2009 , Hailey Abbott, The Perfect Boy (ISBN 006197157X), page 258:
  • She was so used to the way he moved—they'd been practicing together for years, and she'd memorized the way his body worked.

    Derived terms

    * memorization




  • conformity or harmony.
  • The songs are new but in keeping with tradition.
    The foreground of this painting is not in keeping .
  • charge or care.
  • * South
  • His happiness is in his own keeping .
  • Maintenance; support; provision; feed.
  • The cattle have good keeping .
  • * Milton
  • the work of many hands, which earns my keeping


  • Derived terms

    * in keeping with