What is the difference between katrillion and quadrillion?

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Katrillion is a synonym of quadrillion.


Not English

Katrillion has no English definition. It may be misspelled.



(long and short scales)


  • A thousand trillion: 1 followed by fifteen zeros, 1015.
  • A million trillion: 1 followed by twenty-four zeros, 1024.
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    * a billiard * a septillion


    (en noun)
  • (figuratively, slang) Any very large number, exceeding normal description.
  • * 1999 Beverly Lewis, A Perfect Match, Bethany House Publishers, p23
  • They'd never understand — not in a quadrillion years.
  • * 2000 J. D. Maples, Trojan Steers, Lomaland Books Inc, p58
  • Me, I never refuse a meal, and believe me I seen some heavy weather. I musta flown a quadrillion miles and I never did have a problem.
  • * 2004 Arthur Kopecky, New Buffalo: journals from a Taos commune, UNM Press, p143
  • The sky is so absolutely clear with a quadrillion stars.
  • * 2006 Evelyn Caro, The Flickering Attic Window, Trafford Publishing, p8
  • She's named after this famous singer from a quadrillion years ago.


    * (any very large number) bajillion, bazillion, billion, dillion, fantillion, gadzillion, gagillion, gajillion, gazillion, godzillion, googillion, grillion, hojillion, hundred and one, infillion, jillion, kabillion, kajillion, katrillion, killion, kazillion, million, million and one, quintillion, robillion, skillion, squidillion, squillion, thousand and one, trillion, umptillion, zillion