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Motivation vs Justify - What's the difference?

motivation | justify |

As a noun motivation

is (label) motivation.

As a verb justify is

to provide an acceptable explanation for.



(en noun)
  • Willingness of action especially in behavior
  • The action of motivating.
  • Something which motivates.
  • An incentive or reason for doing something.
  • (advertising) a research rating that measures how the rational and emotional elements of a commercial affect consumer intention to consider, visit, or buy something.
  • The motivation scores showed that 65% of people wanted to visit our website to learn more about the offer after watching the commercial.

    Derived terms

    * intrinsic motivation * extrinsic motivation


    * (sense) The Advertising Research Handbook Charles E. Young, Ideas in Flight, Seattle, WA, April 2005 ----



    Alternative forms

    * justifie (obsolete)


  • To provide an acceptable explanation for.
  • How can you justify spending so much money on clothes?
    Paying too much for car insurance is not justified .
  • To be a good, acceptable reason for; warrant.
  • Nothing can justify your rude behaviour last night.
  • * E. Everett
  • Unless the oppression is so extreme as to justify' revolution, it would not ' justify the evil of breaking up a government.
  • To arrange (text) on a page or a computer screen such that the left and right ends of all lines within paragraphs are aligned.
  • The text will look better justified .
  • To absolve, and declare to be free of blame or sin
  • * Shakespeare
  • I cannot justify whom the law condemns.
  • * Bible, Acts xiii. 39
  • By him all that believe are justified' from all things, from which ye could not be ' justified by the law of Moses.
  • To prove; to ratify; to confirm.
  • (Shakespeare)