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Percieve vs Judge - What's the difference?

percieve | judge |

As a verb percieve

is .

As a proper noun judge is





  • judge


    Alternative forms

    * judg (obsolete)


    (en noun)
  • (senseid)A public official whose duty it is to administer the law, especially by presiding over trials and rendering judgments; a justice.
  • * Francis Bacon
  • The parts of a judge in hearing are four: to direct the evidence; to moderate length, repetition, or impertinency of speech; to recapitulate, select, and collate the material points of that which hath been said; and to give the rule or sentence.
  • A person who decides the fate of someone or something that has been called into question.
  • A person officiating at a sports or similar event.
  • At a boxing match the decision of the judges is final.
  • A person whose opinion on a subject is respected.
  • He is a good judge of wine.
  • * Dryden
  • A man who is no judge' of law may be a good ' judge of poetry, or eloquence, or of the merits of a painting.


    * (one who judges or dispenses judgement) deemer, deemster * (official of the court) justice, sheriff

    Derived terms

    * * * * * *


  • To sit in judgment on; to pass sentence on.
  • A higher power will judge you after you are dead.
  • To sit in judgment, to act as judge.
  • Justices in this country judge without appeal.
  • To form an opinion on.
  • I judge a man’s character by the cut of his suit.
  • To arbitrate; to pass opinion on something, especially to settle a dispute etc.
  • We cannot both be right: you must judge between us.
  • To have as an opinion; to consider, suppose.
  • I judge it safe to leave the house once again.
  • To form an opinion; to infer.
  • I judge from the sky that it might rain later.
  • * 1884 : (Mark Twain), (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn), Chapter VIII
  • THE sun was up so high when I waked that I judged it was after eight o'clock.
  • (intransitive) To criticize or label another person or thing.
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