Johanna vs Joanne - What's the difference?

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As proper nouns the difference between johanna and joanne

is that johanna is while joanne is , a spelling variant of joanne.


Proper noun

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  • occasionally used in English.
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    Alternative forms

    * JoAnne, Jo-Anne, Jo Anne * Joann, JoAnn, Jo-Ann, Jo Ann

    Proper noun

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  • * 1824 , The History of Matthew Wald , E. Duyckinck, Collins & Hannay, page 112:
  • "I have," said I; "and I have seen the young ladies too, except Miss Joanne ."
    "Ye may just as weel lay by the Miss, and ca' her Joan, like her mother afore her, noo -
  • * 1981 , Bodily Harm , Anchor Books, ISBN 0385491077, page 16:
  • She changed it when she was thirty-eight because, as she said, what can you do with a name like Joanne ? Too nice.