Jints vs Jinns - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between jints and jinns

is that jints is while jinns is .



Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • (baseball, informal) Nickname]] for the , subsequently the [[w:San Francisco Giants, San Francisco Giants.
  • * 1914', ''Atlanta Constitution'', "The Old-Time Fan Refers To the ' Jints' Little Napoleon As a...", May 17, 1914
  • * 1951 , New York Times , "VOICE OF FLATBUSH GOES UP AND DOWN; Loud Shouts of Morning Fall to...", Oct 2, 1951
  • The folks were quite happy about Sunday's thrilling reprieve in Philadelphia and happily confident that "d' Bums'll moider dem Jints "
  • * 1952 , New York Times , "Sports of the Times; Wait Till Next Year", Sep 4, 1952
  • He did about as well as could be expected with the Jints , though the halo he gained lastseason was knocked slightly askew in the process.
  • * 2000 , G. Richard McKelvey, The MacPhails: Baseball's First Family of the Front Office , page 38
  • The faithful cheered loudly for their beloved Bums'; they jeered loudly at the others teams, especially if they were the hated "' Jints " from the Polo Grounds.
  • * 2001 , G. Richard McKelvey, The Bounce: Baseball Teams' Great Falls and Comebacks page 100
  • The Polo Grounds, which had been the site of many fierce battles between the "Jints'" and the "' Bums ," was not friendly to the home team.
  • * 2007 , Curt Smith, The Voice: Mel Allen's Untold Story , page 111
  • To his credit, Allen could not imagine the Jints' or ' Bums unabiding on New York's behalf. "New York is fully capable of supporting three clubs."
  • (American football, informal) .
  • * 2000 , James Patterson, The Midnight Club , page 101
  • On Sunday it would be even more drinking, plus the Times, and the pitiful "Jints " on TV.
  • (US, sports) Nickname for many teams with name including Giants.
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