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As nouns the difference between jefe and jete

is that jefe is (us|informal) an officer with political influence; a head or chief in government, such as a sheriff while jete is (ballet) a leap from one foot to the other in which one leg appears to be "thrown" in the direction of the movement.

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(en noun)
  • (US, informal) An officer with political influence; a head or chief in government, such as a sheriff.
  • * 1887 , Hubert Howe Bancroft, History of Central America , page 153, History Company
  • Antonio Rivera Cabezas was chosen vice-jefe in March 1830.
  • * 1898 , Southern Pacific Company Passenger Department, Sunset , Sunset Magazines Inc. (1912), pages 313-314
  • before he stepped forward uttering the stereotyped greeting, the Texan had put him down as the jefe or head man....
    Snatching up the rifle he lit out after the jefe , who had left two jumps ahead of the smoke.
  • * 1900 , United States War Department, Annual Reports of the War Department , U.S. Government Printing Office
  • Hilario Saño, a suspect, resident here but much doubted by the jefe local, was put to the test
  • (US) A boss in a business, company or other organization.
  • * 1982 January, George Durham, Taming the Nueces Strip: The Story of McNelly's Rangers , page 120, University of Texas Press
  • “They ain’t going to deliver the cattle across.... They’ve taken too much of a beating as it is. They’ve lost their big jefe and lots of men.”
  • * 1998 June, Thomas Miller Klubock, Contested communities: Class, Gender, and Politics in Chile's El Teniente Copper Mine, 1904-1948 , page 147, Duke University Press
  • When they were slacking off in the mine, for example, and a jefe arrived unexpectedly, they shouted loro'' (parrot) or ''fuego (fire) as warning signals.
  • * 2004 December, Jeffrey Harris Cohen, The Culture of Migration in Southern Mexico , University of Texas Press
  • A jefe' in this sense is a mentor, a person who is often a compadre of the migrant.''...'' In any case, a ' jefe is not a loan shark
  • * 2005 May, Monica Rico, EMails that Go Nowhere , Google Mail.
  • A jefe in this sense refers to a true boss, the leader of the household, also known as Jose Rico.


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