Estate vs Invalidate - What's the difference?

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As a noun estate

is .

As a verb invalidate is

to make invalid especially applied to contract law.



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(en noun)
  • *(William Shakespeare) (c.1564–1616)
  • *:when I came to man's estate
  • *(Bible), (w) xii. 16
  • *:Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate .
  • (label) Status, rank.
  • *(Jeremy Taylor) (1613–1677)
  • *:God hath imprinted his authority in several parts, upon several estates of men.
  • (label) The condition of one's fortunes; prosperity, possessions.
  • (label) A "person of estate"; a nobleman or noblewoman.
  • *:
  • *:And anone came oute of a chamber to hym the fayrest lady that euer he sawe & more rycher bysene than euer he sawe Quene Gueneuer or ony other estat Lo sayd they syre Bors here is the lady vnto whome we owe alle oure seruyse / and I trowe she be the rychest lady and the fayrest of alle the world
  • *(Bible), (w) vi. 21
  • *:Herod on his birthday made a supper to his lords, high captains, and chief estates of Galilee.
  • *(w) (1775-1864)
  • *:She's a duchess, a great estate .
  • (label) A major social class or order of persons regarded collectively as part of the body politic of the country and formerly possessing distinct political rights ((Estates of the realm)).
  • *1992 , (Hilary Mantel), (A Place of Greater Safety) , Harper Perennial 2007, p.115:
  • *:I am afraid that some of the nobles who are campaigning for it simply want to use the Estates to cut down the King's power and increase their own.
  • *2011 , (Norman Davies), Vanished Kingdoms , Penguin 2012, p.202:
  • *:The three estates of feudal lords, clergy and royal officers met in separate chambers, and exercised an advisory role.
  • (label) The nature and extent of a person's interest in, or ownership of, land.
  • An (especially extensive) area of land, under a single ownership.
  • *'>citation
  • The collective property and liabilities of someone, especially a deceased person.
  • (label) A housing estate.
  • (label) The state; the general body politic; the common-wealth; the general interest; state affairs.
  • *(Francis Bacon) (1561-1626)
  • *:I call matters of estate not only the parts of sovereignty, but whatsoeverconcerneth manifestly any great portion of people.
  • Synonyms

    * (estate car) estate car, station sedan, station wagon, wagon

    Derived terms

    * concurrent estate * council estate * estate agent * estate for life * estate in land * estate sale * estate tax * fourth estate * housing estate * industrial estate * leasehold estate * life estate * overspill estate * real estate * residuary estate * sink estate * third estate * trading estate

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  • To make invalid. Especially applied to contract law.
  • The circuit court judge's ruling was invalidated by a superior judge.


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