Misanthrope vs Intraverert - What's the difference?

misanthrope | intraverert |




(en noun)
  • One who hates all mankind; one who hates the human race.
  • Synonyms

    * misanthropist


    * philanthrope

    See also

    * misanthropy (hatred of humans) * misanthropic * misandry (hatred of males) * misogyny (hatred of females) * philanthropy (love of humans) * philanthropic * philanthropist * philandry (love of males) * philogyny (love of females) * Timonist (bitter misanthrope) * xenophobe (hater of foreigners)


    Not English

    Intraverert has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

    English words similar to 'intraverert':

    internment, intermittent, intransigent, introspect, interpunct, indorsement, intransient, interconnect, interjacent, interferant, intrenchment, interplant, intervenient, interpellant, interparent, interconvert, interferent, intrapatient, interproject, intrasubunit, intersubunit, interburst, internalist, interleaflet, intraburst, interlayment, intersubject, intraclast, intercurrent, interfulgent, interqubit, intercalant, interevent, interpolant, intranight, intersegment, interpatient, intersheet, interpretant, interfleet, intertwist, interfluent, intromittent, interlucent, intercedent, intercipient, intercident, interponent, interactant, interreact, intervisit, interjoist, intercontact, interagent, intrusionist, intersecant, interpoint, intercombat, interregent, indearment, inadherent, interposit, inthrallment, introvenient, intrenchant, intercedest, interposest, intervenest, intracohort, interblent