Resolute vs Inspiring - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between resolute and inspiring

is that resolute is firm, unyielding, determined while inspiring is providing inspiration; encouraging]]; [[stimulate|stimulating.

As a verb inspiring is





(en adjective)
  • Firm, unyielding, determined.
  • She was resolute in her determination to resist his romantic advances.
    He was resolute in his decision to stay.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Edward is at hand, / Ready to fight; therefore be resolute .
  • * ’ (poem):
  • If the Coward Bumble Bee / In his chimney corner stay, / I, must resoluter be!
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2011 , date=April 10 , author=Alistair Magowan , title=Aston Villa 1 - 0 Newcastle , work=BBC Sport citation , page= , passage=Villa had plenty of opportunities to make the game safe after a shaky start and despite not reaching any great heights, they were resolute enough to take control of the game in the second half. }}
  • (obsolete) Convinced; satisfied; sure.
  • Usage notes

    * The one-word comparative form resoluter and superlative form resolutest are both well attested, though not as common as the two-word forms “more resolute” and “most resolute”.


    * See also


    * irresolute




    (en adjective)
  • Providing inspiration; encouraging]]; [[stimulate, stimulating.
  • Verb