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As a verb inoculated is



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  • (inoculate)

  • inoculate


    Alternative forms

    * innoculate


  • (immunology) To introduce an antigenic substance or vaccine into the body, as to produce immunity to a specific disease.
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  • (by extension) To safeguard or protect something as if by inoculation.
  • To add one substance to another; to spike.
  • The culture medium was inoculated with selenium to investigate the rate of uptake.
  • To graft by inserting buds.
  • to inoculate the bud of one tree or plant into another
    to inoculate a tree
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  • (figurative) To introduce into the mind (used especially of harmful ideas or principles); to imbue.
  • to inoculate someone with treason or infidelity
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  • See also

    * immunize / immunise * vaccinate