Leadership vs Innovation - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between leadership and innovation

is that leadership is the capacity of someone to lead while innovation is .



(en noun)
  • the capacity of someone to lead
  • a group of leaders
  • * {{quote-news, year=2013, date=April 9, author=Andrei Lankov, title=Stay Cool. Call North Korea’s Bluff., work=New York Times citation
  • , passage=People who talk about an imminent possibility of war seldom pose this question: What would North Korea’s leadership get from unleashing a war that they are likely to lose in weeks, if not days?}}
  • (dated) The office or status of a leader.
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    (en noun)
  • The act of innovating; the introduction of something new, in customs, rites, etc.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-21, author= Karen McVeigh
  • , volume=189, issue=2, page=10, magazine=(The Guardian Weekly) , title= US rules human genes can't be patented , passage=The US supreme court has ruled unanimously that natural human genes cannot be patented, a decision that scientists and civil rights campaigners said removed a major barrier to patient care and medical innovation .}}
  • *
  • A change effected by innovating; a change in customs;
  • Something new, and contrary to established customs, manners, or rites.
  • A newly formed shoot, or the annually produced addition to the stems of many mosses.