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Soul vs Inner - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between soul and inner

is that soul is while inner is being or occurring (farther) inside, situated farther in, located (situated) or happening on the inside of something, situated within or farther within contained within something.

As a noun inner is

an inner part.



(wikipedia soul)

Etymology 1

From (etyl), from (etyl) (the Scandinavian forms are borrowings from the Old English).

Alternative forms

* sowl (archaic)


(en noun)
  • (religion, folklore) The spirit or essence of a person usually thought to consist of one's thoughts and personality. Often believed to live on after the person's death.
  • * 1836 , (Hans Christian Andersen) (translated into English by Mrs. H. B. Paull in 1872), (The Little Mermaid)
  • "Among the daughters of the air," answered one of them. "A mermaid has not an immortal soul', nor can she obtain one unless she wins the love of a human being. On the power of another hangs her eternal destiny. But the daughters of the air, although they do not possess an immortal ' soul , can, by their good deeds, procure one for themselves.
  • *
  • , title=(The Celebrity), chapter=4 , passage=No matter how early I came down, I would find him on the veranda, smoking cigarettes, or
  • The spirit or essence of anything.
  • * , chapter=22
  • , title= The Mirror and the Lamp , passage=From another point of view, it was a place without a soul . The well-to-do had hearts of stone; the rich were brutally bumptious; the Press, the Municipality, all the public men, were ridiculously, vaingloriously self-satisfied.}}
  • Life, energy, vigor.
  • * Young
  • That he wants algebra he must confess; / But not a soul to give our arms success.
  • (music) Soul music.
  • A person, especially as one among many.
  • An individual life.
  • Fifty souls were lost when the ship sank.
    * (English Citations of "soul")
    Derived terms
    * All Souls' Day * bare one's soul * body and soul * brevity is the soul of wit * dead soul * heart and soul * neo soul * sell one's soul * soul brother * soul-destroying * soul food * soul kiss * soul mate/soulmate * soul-searching * soul-strring * souled * soulful * soulfully * soulfulness * soul music * soul patch * soul searching * soul sister * world soul (soul)


    (en verb)
  • (obsolete) To endue with a soul; to furnish with a soul or mind.
  • (Chaucer)

    Etymology 2

    From (etyl) .


    (en verb)
  • (obsolete) To afford suitable sustenance.
  • (Warner)
    (Webster 1913) ----




  • Being or occurring (farther) inside, situated farther in, located (situated) or happening on the inside of something, situated within or farther within contained within something.
  • *{{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=July-August, author= Stephen P. Lownie], [http://www.americanscientist.org/authors/detail/david-m-pelz David M. Pelz
  • , magazine=(American Scientist), title= Stents to Prevent Stroke , passage=As we age, the major arteries of our bodies frequently become thickened with plaque, a fatty material with an oatmeal-like consistency that builds up along the inner lining of blood vessels.}}
  • Close to the centre, located near or closer to center.
  • Inside or closer to the inside of the body.
  • Of mind or spirit, relating to the mind or spirit, to spiritual or mental processes, mental, spiritual, relating to somebody's private feelings or happening in somebody's mind, existing as an often repressed part of one's psychological makeup.
  • *{{quote-news, year=2012, date=May 20, author=Nathan Rabin, work=The Onion AV Club
  • , title= TV: Review: THE SIMPSONS (CLASSIC): “Marge Gets A Job” (season 4, episode 7; originally aired 11/05/1992) , passage=Bart spies an opportunity to make a quick buck so he channels his inner carny and posits his sinking house as a natural wonder of the world and its inhabitants as freaks, barking to dazzled spectators, “Behold the horrors of the Slanty Shanty! See the twisted creatures that dwell within! Meet Cue-Ball, the man with no hair!”}}
  • Not obvious, private, not expressed, not apparent, hidden, less apparent, deeper, obscure, ; innermost or essential, needing to be examined closely or thought about in order to be seen or understood.
  • Privileged, more or most privileged, more or most influential, intimate, exclusive, more important, more intimate, private, secret, confined to an exclusive group, exclusive to a center; especially a center of influence being near a center especially of influence.
  • *{{quote-book, year=1922, author=(Ben Travers), title=(A Cuckoo in the Nest)
  • , chapter=2 citation , passage=Mother


    * interior * internal


    * outer

    Derived terms

    * innerness


    (en noun)
  • An inner part.
  • A forward who plays in or near the center of the field.
  • (cricket) A thin glove worn inside batting gloves or wicket-keeping gloves.
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