Entry vs Inlet - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between entry and inlet

is that entry is (uncountable) the act of entering while inlet is a body of water let into a coast, such as a bay, cove, fjord or estuary.

As a verb inlet is

to let in; admit.



(wikipedia entry)

Alternative forms

* entery (chiefly archaic)


  • (uncountable) The act of entering.
  • (uncountable) Permission to enter.
  • entry for children only if accompanied by an adult
  • A doorway that provides a means of entering a building.
  • A small room immediately inside the front door of a house or other building, often having an access to a stairway and leading on to other rooms
  • A small group formed within a church, especially Episcopal, for simple dinner and fellowship, and to help facilitate new friendships
  • An item in a list, such as an article in a dictionary or encyclopedia; a record made in a log, diary or anything similarly organized; (computing) a datum in a database.
  • What does the entry for 2 August 2005 say?
  • (linear algebra) A term at any position in a matrix.
  • The entry in the second row and first column of this matrix is 6.
  • The exhibition or depositing of a ship's papers at the customhouse, to procure licence to land goods; or the giving an account of a ship's cargo to the officer of the customs, and obtaining his permission to land the goods.
  • Usage notes

    Ambiguity Prevention * Correct: entry for children * Not: entry to children as this means that you are entering TO (get to) a child. It is incorrect.


    * (act of entering ): access, entering, entrance * (permission to enter ): access, admission * (doorway that provides a means of entering a building ): entrance, ingang, way in (British) * (room just inside the front door of a building ): entrance hall, foyer, hall, vestibule, ingang * (group within a church ): * (article in a dictionary or encyclopedia ): article * (record in a log ): record * (term in a matrix ): element * (item of data in a database ):


    * (act of entering ): departure, exit, exiting, leaving * (doorway that provides a means of entering a building ): exit, way out (British)

    Derived terms

    (terms derived from entry) * door entry system * entryway * no entry



    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) inleten, equivalent to .


  • To let in; admit.
  • To insert; inlay.
  • :* {{quote-web
  • , date=2012-12-17 , year= , first= , last= , author= , authorlink= , title=Archeologists Unearth Alien-Like Skulls In A Mexico Cemetery , site=RedOrbit citation , archiveorg= , accessdate=2013-03-13 , passage=The team said that many of the bones unearthed were the remains of children, leading them to believe the practice of deforming skulls “may have been inlet and dangerous.” }}

    Etymology 2

    From (etyl) .


    (wikipedia inlet) (en noun)
  • A body of water let into a coast, such as a bay, cove, fjord or estuary.
  • A passage that leads into a cavity.
  • * 1748 . HUME, David. An enquiry concerning human understanding. In: L. A. SELBY-BIGGE, M. A. Enquiries concerning the human understanding and concerning the principles of moral. 2. ed. London: Oxford University Press, 1973. § 15.
  • by opening this new inlet''' for sensations, you also open an '''inlet for the ideas;


    * * *