Inheritable vs Heritability - What's the difference?

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As an adjective inheritable

is that can be inherited.

As a noun heritability is

(uncountable) the condition of being inheritable.

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  • That can be inherited.
  • an inheritable estate or title
    an inheritable disease
  • Capable of taking by inheritance, or of receiving by descent; capable of succeeding to, as an heir.
  • * Blackstone
  • By attainder the blood of the person attainted is so corrupted as to be rendered no longer inheritable .
  • * Blackstone
  • The eldest daughter of the king is also alone inheritable to the crown on failure of issue male.




    (wikipedia heritability)
  • (uncountable) The condition of being inheritable
  • (countable, genetics) The ratio of the genetic variance of a population to its phenotypic variance; i.e. the proportion of variability that is genetic in origin
  • Synonyms

    * inheritability (much less common )


    * environmentability