Ingrate vs Ingratitude - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between ingrate and ingratitude

is that ingrate is an ungrateful person while ingratitude is a lack or absence of gratitude; thanklessness.

As an adjective ingrate

is (obsolete|poetic) ungrateful.




(en adjective)
  • (obsolete, poetic) Ungrateful.
  • (Francis Bacon)
  • Unpleasant, unfriendly
  • Quotations

    * 1590', Yet in his mind malitious and '''ingrate — Edmund Spenser, ''The Faerie Queene * 1596', But I will lift the down-trod Mortimer / As high in the air as this unthankful king, / As this '''ingrate and canker'd Bolingbroke. — William Shakespeare, ''King Henry IV, Part 1 * 1671', Who, for so many benefits received, / Turned recreant to God, '''ingrate and false — John Milton, ''Paradise Regained


    (en noun)
  • An ungrateful person.
  • * 1843', But Mr Pecksniff, dismissing all ephemeral considerations of social pleasure and enjoyment, concentrated his meditations on the one great virtuous purpose before him, of casting out that '''ingrate and deceiver, whose presence yet troubled his domestic hearth, and was a sacrilege upon the altars of his household gods. — Charles Dickens, ''Martin Chuzzlewit
  • * 1860–61': "Speak the truth, you '''ingrate !" cried Miss Havisham — Charles Dickens, ''Great Expectations
  • * 1893', Out of my sight, '''ingrate ! — W.S.Gilbert, ''Utopia Limited
  • Anagrams

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  • A lack or absence of gratitude; thanklessness.
  • * {{quote-book, year=1905, author=
  • , title= , chapter=1 citation , passage=“Mrs. Yule's chagrin and horror at what she called her son's base ingratitude knew no bounds ; at first it was even thought that she would never get over it. […]”}}
  • * 1966 , Age & Scarpelli, Sergio Leone, and Luciano Vincenzoni (writers), Sergio Leone (director), Clint Eastwood (actor), (movie), Produzioni Europee Associati:
  • Blondie: Tut, tut. Such ingratitude after all the times I saved your life.


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