Breaker vs Infractor - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between breaker and infractor

is that breaker is something that breaks while infractor is one who infracts or infringes; a violator; a breaker.



(en noun)
  • Something that breaks.
  • A machine for breaking rocks, or for breaking coal at the mines
  • The building in which such a machine is placed.
  • A small cask of liquid kept permanently in a ship's boat in case of shipwreck.
  • * 1898 , , (Moonfleet) Chapter 4
  • Then the conversation broke off, and there was little more talking, only a noise of men going backwards and forwards, and of putting down of kegs and the hollow gurgle of good liquor being poured from breakers into the casks.
  • A person who specializes in breaking things.
  • (chiefly, in the plural) A wave breaking into foam against the shore, or against a sand bank, or a rock or reef near the surface, considered a useful warning to ships of an underwater hazard
  • * 1919 ,
  • Now and then in the lagoon you hear the leaping of a fish [...]. And above all, ceaseless like time, is the dull roar of the breakers on the reef.
  • (colloquial) A breakdancer.
  • A user of CB radio.
  • Synonyms

    * (something that breaks) destroyer, wrecker * (machine for breaking rocks or coal) * (small cask of water in case of shipwreck) * (building containing such a machine) * (wave) * (breakdancer) B-boy (male), B-girl (female), breakdancer




    (en noun)
  • One who infracts or infringes; a violator; a breaker.
  • (Webster 1913) ----