Barbarous vs Infernal - What's the difference?

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Barbarous is a related term of infernal.

As adjectives the difference between barbarous and infernal

is that barbarous is not classical or pure while infernal is of or relating to hell, or the world of the dead; hellish.

As a noun infernal is

(obsolete) an inhabitant of the infernal regions.



Alternative forms

* (obsolete) barbarouse


(en adjective)
  • Not classical or pure.
  • uncivilized, uncultured
  • Like a barbarian, especially in sound; noisy, dissonant.
  • I did but prompt the age to quit their cloggs
    By the known rules of antient libertie,
    When strait a barbarous noise environs me
    Of Owles and Cuckoes, Asses, Apes and Doggs - (1673)

    Derived terms

    * barbarously * barbarousness




    (en adjective)
  • Of or relating to hell, or the world of the dead; hellish.
  • (by extension) Of or relating to a fire or inferno.
  • Stygian, gloomy.
  • Diabolical or fiendish.
  • * Addison
  • the instruments or abettors in such infernal dealings
  • (as an expletive, not vulgar) Very annoying; damned.
  • * 1905 , Bram Stoker, The Man
  • As I had to put up with the patronage and the lecturings, and the eyeglass of that infernal old woman,


    * (of or relating to hell) heavenly


    (en noun)
  • (obsolete) An inhabitant of the infernal regions.
  • (Drayton)
    (Webster 1913) ----