Fester vs Infectious - What's the difference?

fester | infectious |

As a verb fester

is to become septic; to become rotten.

As an adjective infectious is

(pathology|of an illness) transmitted from one person to another, usually through the air breathed.




(en verb)
  • To become septic; to become rotten.
  • * Milton
  • Wounds immedicable / Rankle, and fester , and gangrene.
  • To worsen, especially due to lack of attention.
  • Deal with the problem immediately; do not let it fester .
  • * Macaulay
  • Hatred festered in the hearts of the children of the soil.
  • To cause to fester or rankle.
  • * Marston
  • For which I burnt in inward, swelt'ring hate, / And fester'd rankling malice in my breast.


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    (en adjective)
  • (pathology, of an illness) Transmitted from one person to another, usually through the air breathed.
  • Cancer is not infectious .
    More infectious diseases like the flu are usually less potent.
  • (pathology, of a person) Able to infect others.
  • Despite feeling better, the patient is still infectious .
  • (of feelings and behaviour) Spreading quickly from one person to another.
  • Her enthusiasm for work can be really infectious .
  • (informal) Memorable and invoking excitement or interest.
  • Pop music is more infectious than elevator music.


    * (transmitted between persons as illness) catching, contagious * (able to infect others) contagious * (spreading quickly between persons) contagious * (memorable and exciting) catchy, contagious

    Derived terms

    * infection * toxicoinfectious