Mitigate vs Indemnify - What's the difference?

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Mitigate is a related term of indemnify.

As verbs the difference between mitigate and indemnify

is that mitigate is to reduce, lessen, or decrease while indemnify is to secure against loss or damage; to insure or indemnify can be (obsolete|rare) to hurt, to harm.




  • To reduce, lessen, or decrease.
  • * 1795
  • Measures are pursuing to prevent or mitigate the usual consequences of such outrages, and with the hope of their succeeding at least to avert general hostility.
  • * 1813
  • But in yielding to it the retaliation has been mitigated as much as possible, both in its extent and in its character...
  • * 1896
  • Then they tell us that vaccination will mitigate the disease that it will make it milder.
  • * 1901 — , ch 7
  • Then I discovered the brilliance of the landscape around was mitigated by blue spectacles.
  • * 1920
  • The plague had not been kind to him, yet had left him this small furry thing to mitigate his sorrow; and when one is very young, one can find great relief in the lively antics of a black kitten.
  • To downplay.
  • Synonyms

    * (to reduce or lessen) check, diminish, ease, lighten, mollify, pacify, palliate


    * (to reduce or lessen) aggrandize, aggravate, exacerbate, incite, increase, intensify, irritate, worsen

    Coordinate terms

    * (l)



    Etymology 1

    From (forming verbs'')''Oxford English Dictionary , 1st ed. "indemnify, v.1". Oxford University Press (Oxford), 1900.


  • To secure against loss or damage; to insure.
  • * 1670 , , letter to Lord Arlington, in The Works of Sir William Temple , page 101:
  • The states must at last engage to the merchants here that they will indemnify them from all that shall fall out.
  • (senseid)(chiefly, legal) To compensate or reimburse someone for some expense or injury
  • * 1906 , Civil Code of the State of California [], page 405:
  • The lender of a thing for use must indemnify the borrower for damage caused by defects or vices in it, which he knew at the time of lending, and concealed from the borrower.
    Derived terms
    * indemnifiable * indemnification * indemnifier

    Etymology 2

    From , assimilated to (indemn) and


  • (obsolete, rare) to hurt, to harm
  • *1583 , Thomas Stocker's translation of A tragicall historie of the troubles and ciuile warres of the lowe Countries , i. 63a
  • *:He... did not belieue]] that his [[Majesty, Maiestie by this occasion coulde any way be endemnified .
  • *1593 , Thomas Lodge, Life & Death of William Long Beard , E ij
  • *:What harme the Rhodians haue]] [[done, doone thee, that thou so much indemnifiest them?
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