Curiosity vs Incuriosity - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between curiosity and incuriosity

is that curiosity is (obsolete) careful, delicate construction; fine workmanship, delicacy of building while incuriosity is the quality or state of lacking curiosity.

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  • (obsolete) Careful, delicate construction; fine workmanship, delicacy of building.
  • * 1631 , John Smith, Advertisements , in Kupperman 1988, p. 81:
  • wee built a homely thing like a barne, set upon Cratchets, covered with rafts, sedge, and earth, so also was the walls; the best of our houses of the like curiosity , but the most part farre much worse workmanship [...].
  • Inquisitiveness; the tendency to ask and learn about things by asking questions, investigating, or exploring.
  • * 1886 , (Robert Louis Stevenson), (Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde)
  • It was the first time that the lawyer had been received in that part of his friend's quarters; and he eyed the dingy, windowless structure with curiosity , and gazed round with a distasteful sense of strangeness as he crossed the theatre
  • * 1956 , , (The City and the Stars) , p 39:
  • "Certainly there is nothing wrong with Alvin's intelligence, but many of the things that should concern him seem to be a matter of complete indifference. On the other hand, he shows a morbid curiosity regarding subjects which we do not generally discuss."
  • * {{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=September-October, author= Terrie Moffitt] [ et] [ al.
  • , magazine=(American Scientist), title= Lifelong Impact of Early Self-Control , passage=Curiosity about the power of self-control skills, which include conscientiousness, self-discipline, and perseverance, arose from recent empirical observations that preschool Head Start, an ambitious, federally funded program of special services launched in 1965 to boost the intellectual development of needy children, has failed to achieve the goal of boosting IQ scores. But the programs have unexpectedly succeeded in lowering the former pupils’ rates of teen pregnancy, school dropout, delinquency, and work absenteeism.}}
  • A unique or extraordinary object which arouses interest.
  • Synonyms

    * inquisitiveness


    * ignorance

    Derived terms

    * curiosity killed the cat




  • The quality or state of lacking curiosity
  • *{{quote-news, 2009, January 18, Ross Douthat, When Buckley Met Reagan, New York Times citation
  • , passage=But he wasn’t a model populist because liberal intellectuals disdained him, which is what apologists for Bush’s apparent incuriosity