Cry vs Importune - What's the difference?

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Cry is a synonym of importune.

As verbs the difference between cry and importune

is that cry is to shed tears; to weep while importune is .

As a noun cry

is a shedding of tears; the act of crying.




  • To shed tears; to weep.
  • That sad movie always makes me cry .
  • To utter loudly; to call out; to declare publicly.
  • * Shakespeare
  • All, all, cry shame against ye, yet I'll speak.
  • * Bunyan
  • The man ran on, crying , Life! life! Eternal life!
  • (ambitransitive) To shout, scream, yell.
  • * Bible, Matthew xxvii. 46
  • And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried with a loud voice.
  • To utter inarticulate sounds, as animals do.
  • * Bible, Psalms cxlvii. 9
  • the young ravens which cry
  • * Shakespeare
  • In a cowslip's bell I lie / There I couch when owls do cry .
  • To cause to do something, or bring to some state, by crying or weeping.
  • to cry oneself to sleep
  • To make oral and public proclamation of; to notify or advertise by outcry, especially things lost or found, goods to be sold, etc.
  • to cry goods
  • * Crashaw
  • Love is lost, and thus she cries him.
  • Hence, to publish the banns of, as for marriage.
  • * Judd
  • I should not be surprised if they were cried in church next Sabbath.


    * weep * See also * See also


    * laugh

    Derived terms

    * crybaby * cry in one's beer * cry like a baby * cry one's eyes out * cry off * cry out * cry someone a river * cry the blues * cry wolf * don't cry over spilt milk * kiss and cry


  • A shedding of tears; the act of crying.
  • After we broke up, I retreated to my room for a good cry .
  • A shout or scream.
  • I heard a cry from afar.
  • Words shouted or screamed.
  • a battle cry
  • (collectively) A group of hounds.
  • * Shakespeare
  • A cry more tunable / Was never hollaed to, nor cheered with horn.
  • (obsolete, derogatory) A pack or company of people.
  • * Shakespeare
  • Would not this get me a fellowship in a cry of players?
  • (ambitransitive, of an animal) A typical sound made by the species in question.
  • "Woof" is the cry of a dog, while "neigh" is the cry of a horse.
  • A desperate or urgent request.
  • (obsolete) Common report; gossip.
  • * Shakespeare
  • The cry goes that you shall marry her.

    Derived terms

    * battle cry * hue and cry * war cry

    See also

    * breastfeeding * crocodile tears


    * * *






  • To bother, trouble, irritate.
  • * , II.17:
  • To deliberate, be it but in slight matters, doth importune me.
  • To harass with persistent requests.
  • * 1610 , , act 2 scene 1
  • You were kneel'd to, and importun'd otherwise / By all of us;.
  • * Jonathan Swift
  • Their ministers and residents here have perpetually importuned the court with unreasonable demands.
  • To approach to offer one's services as a prostitute, or otherwise make improper proposals.
  • (obsolete) To import; to signify.
  • * Spenser
  • It importunes death.


    (en adjective)
  • (obsolete) Grievous, severe, exacting.
  • * 1590 , Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene ,
  • And therewithall he fiercely at him flew, / And with importune outrage him assayld [...].
  • (obsolete) inopportune; unseasonable
  • (obsolete) troublesome; vexatious; persistent
  • * Spenser
  • And their importune fates all satisfied.
  • * Francis Bacon
  • Of all other affections it [envy] is the most importune and continual.