Imperative vs Imperativeness - What's the difference?

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As an adjective imperative

is .

As a noun imperativeness is

the state or condition of being imperative.

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Alternative forms



(en adjective)
  • essential
  • It is imperative that you come here right now.
  • (computing theory) Having a semantics that incorporates mutable variables.
  • (grammar) of, or relating to the imperative mood
  • Expressing a command; authoritatively or absolutely directive.
  • imperative orders
  • * Bishop Hall
  • The suits of kings are imperative .


  • (uncountable, grammar) The grammatical mood expressing an order (see jussive). In English, the imperative form of a verb is the same as that of the bare infinitive.
  • The verbs in sentences like "Do it!" and "Say what you like!" are in the imperative .
  • (countable, grammar) A verb in imperative mood.
  • (countable) An essential action, a must: something which is imperative.
  • Visiting Berlin is an imperative .
  • *
  • Synonyms

    * (grammatical mood) imperative mood

    Derived terms

    * first imperative (Latin grammar) * second imperative (Latin grammar) * categorical imperative

    Coordinate terms

    * (in grammar) assertoric, interrogative




  • The state or condition of being imperative.
  • Synonyms

    * imperativity