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I is an abbreviation of idgas.

As a letter i

is the letter i with an acute accent.

As an abbreviation idgas is




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Etymology 1

Lower case variation of upper case (I), from (etyl) letter .


  • The ninth letter of the .
  • The letter i with a tittle or dot above, in both the upper case and the lower case versions.
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    (Latn-script) Derived symbols * j * — IPA * — Turkish Similar and related symbols * — Greek * — Cyrillic I, used in Belarusian and Ukrainian * — Cyrillic palochka, used in the Caucasian languages * — Arabic (alif) * — Arabic numeral * — Cherokee (IPA: ??) (SAMPA: @~) * — Runic * — IPA

    Etymology 2

    * abbreviation of (imaginary) * abbreviation of (index)


    (Close front unrounded vowel) (head)
  • The imaginary unit; a fixed square root of -1. Graphically, i is shown on the vertical (y-axis) plane.
  • The current flow in a circuit in amperes.
  • A common variable name representing a generic index, especially in loops.
  • close front unrounded vowel.
  • Synonyms
    * j * j

    Etymology 3

    Lower case form of upper case roman numeral I, apparently derived from the shape of a notch scored across a tally stick.

    Alternative forms

    * I,

    Cardinal number

  • cardinal number one.
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    {{Letter , page=I , NATO=India , Morse=·· , Character=I9 , Braille=? }} Image:Latin I.png, Capital and lowercase versions of I , in normal and italic type Image:Fraktur letter I.png, Uppercase and lowercase I in Fraktur ----




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