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(Webster 1913)


  • (en noun) (abbreviated to: sqn)
  • (obsolete) Primarily, a square; hence, a square body of troops; a body of troops drawn up in a square.
  • "Those half-rounding guards Just met, and, closing, stood in squadron joined." -Milton.
  • (military, army) A body of cavalry comprising two companies or troops, and averaging from one hundred and twenty to two hundred soldiers.
  • (military, navy) A detachment of vessels employed on any particular service or station, under the command of the senior officer; as, the North Atlantic Squadron.
  • (military, air force) A tactical air force unit; consists of at least two flights; multiple squadrons make up a group or wing (depending on particular air force).
  • Derived terms

    * flying squadron * squaddie / squaddy * Squadron Leader, squadron leader


    Not English

    Href has no English definition. It may be misspelled.