Lodging vs Hotel - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between lodging and hotel

is that lodging is a place to live or lodge while hotel is hotel.

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(en noun)
  • A place to live or lodge.
  • sleeping accommodation.
  • * 1843 , '', book 2, ch. XI, ''The Abbot’s Ways
  • When I was a Cloister-monk, I was once sent to , and I had to beg a lodging there.
  • (in the plural) Furnished rooms in a house rented as accommodation.
  • The condition of a plant, especially a cereal, that has been flattened in the field or damaged so that it cannot stand upright, as by weather conditions or because the stem is not strong enough to support the plant.
  • Anagrams

    * godling




  • The letter H' in the NATO phonetic alphabet. (This word is not translated, and is ' hotel in all languages.)
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