Cavalry vs Horseman - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between cavalry and horseman

is that cavalry is (military|uncountable) the military arm of service that fights while riding horses while horseman is a man who rides a horse.



  • (military, uncountable) The military arm of service that fights while riding horses.
  • (military, countable) An individual unit of the cavalry arm of service.
  • (military, countable) The branch of the military transported by fast light vehicles, also known as mechanized cavalry.
  • Derived terms

    * heavy cavalry * light cavalry * mechanized cavalry


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    (wikipedia horseman) (Ocypoda) (Eques)


  • A man who rides a horse.
  • A soldier on horseback.
  • A man skilled in horsemanship.
  • (UK, agriculture, obsolete) A man in charge of work horses.
  • A swift-running land crab of the genus , living on the coast of Brazil and the West Indies.
  • A West Indian fish of the genus ).
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