Edgy vs Honed - What's the difference?

edgy | honed |

As adjectives the difference between edgy and honed

is that edgy is nervous, apprehensive while honed is made sharp.

As a verb honed is





  • nervous, apprehensive
  • (entertainment/advertising jargon): creatively challenging; cutting edge; leading edge
  • (entertainment/advertising jargon) : on the edge between acceptable and offensive; pushing the boundaries of good taste; dodgy
  • (dated) irritable
  • an edgy temper
  • (art) Having some of the forms, such as drapery or the like, too sharply defined.
  • * Hazlitt
  • An edgy style of sculpture.
  • (of a knife or blade) sharp.
  • honed



  • Made sharp.
  • Made more accurate or precise.
  • Verb

  • (hone)
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