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As a noun keeps

is .

As a verb keeps

is (keep).

As a proper noun hold is


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  • (pluralonly) keeping
  • Derived terms

    * for keeps


  • (keep)
  • Anagrams

    * * *



    (wikipedia hold)

    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) (m), (m), from (etyl) .


    (en adjective)
  • (obsolete) Gracious; friendly; faithful; true.
  • Etymology 2

    From (etyl) (m), from (etyl) (m), from (etyl) , (etyl) (m), (m), (etyl) (m), (etyl) (m), (etyl) (m).


  • (lb) To grasp or grip.
  • :
  • *
  • *:But then I had the flintlock by me for protection. ¶ There were giants in the days when that gun was made; for surely no modern mortal could have held that mass of metal steady to his shoulder. The linen-press and a chest on the top of it formed, however, a very good gun-carriage; and, thus mounted, aim could be taken out of the window.
  • *, chapter=23
  • , title= The Mirror and the Lamp , passage=The slightest effort made the patient cough. He would stand leaning on a stick and holding a hand to his side, and when the paroxysm had passed it left him shaking.}}
  • *{{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=September-October, author=(Henry Petroski)
  • , magazine=(American Scientist), title= The Evolution of Eyeglasses , passage=The ability of a segment of a glass sphere to magnify whatever is placed before it was known around the year 1000, when the spherical segment was called a reading stone,
  • (lb) To contain or store.
  • :
  • (lb) To maintain or keep to a position or state.
  • #(lb) To have and keep possession of something.
  • #:
  • #*{{quote-news, year=2011, date=December 14, author=Angelique Chrisafis
  • , title=Rachida Dati accuses French PM of sexism and elitism, work=Guardian citation , passage=She was Nicolas Sarkozy's pin-up for diversity, the first Muslim woman with north African parents to hold a major French government post. But Rachida Dati has now turned on her own party elite with such ferocity that some have suggested she should be expelled from the president's ruling party.}}
  • #(lb) To reserve.
  • #:
  • #(lb) To cause to wait or delay.
  • #:
  • #(lb) To detain.
  • #:
  • #(lb) To be or remain valid; to apply.
  • #:
  • #*(John Locke) (1632-1705)
  • #*:The rule holds in land as all other commodities.
  • #To keep oneself in a particular state.
  • #:
  • #*{{quote-book, year=1922, author=(Ben Travers), title=(A Cuckoo in the Nest)
  • , chapter=2 citation , passage=Mother
  • #(lb) To impose restraint upon; to limit in motion or action; to bind legally or morally; to confine; to restrain.
  • #*(William Shakespeare) (1564-1616)
  • #*:We cannot hold mortality's strong hand.
  • #*(Richard Crashaw) (1613-1649)
  • #*:Death! what do'st? O, hold thy blow.
  • #* (1800-1859)
  • #*:He hath not sufficient judgment and self-command to hold his tongue.
  • #(lb) To bear, carry, or manage.
  • #:
  • #*(William Shakespeare) (1564-1616)
  • #*:Let him hold his fingers thus.
  • # Not to move; to halt; to stop.
  • #*(William Shakespeare) (1564-1616)
  • #*:And damned be him that first cries, "Hold , enough!"
  • #(lb) Not to give way; not to part or become separated; to remain unbroken or unsubdued.
  • #*(William Shakespeare) (1564-1616)
  • #*:Our force by land hath nobly held .
  • # To remain ; to control an excretory bodily function.
  • #:
  • (lb) To maintain or keep to particular opinions, promises, actions.
  • #(lb) To maintain, to consider, to opine.
  • #*1776 , (Thomas Jefferson) et al.'', ''(United States Declaration of Independence) :
  • #*:We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
  • #*
  • , title=(The Celebrity), chapter=1 , passage=In the old days, to my commonplace and unobserving mind, he gave no evidences of genius whatsoever. He never read me any of his manuscripts, […], and therefore my lack of detection of his promise may in some degree be pardoned. But he had then none of the oddities and mannerisms which I hold to be inseparable from genius, and which struck my attention in after days when I came in contact with the Celebrity.}}
  • #(lb) To bind (someone) to a consequence of his or her actions.
  • #:
  • #To maintain in being or action; to carry on; to prosecute, as a course of conduct or an argument; to continue; to sustain.
  • #*Bible, (Psalms) lxxxiii.1:
  • #*:Hold not thy peace, and be not still.
  • #*(John Milton) (1608-1674)
  • #*:Seedtime and harvest, heat and hoary frost, / Shall hold their course.
  • #To accept, as an opinion; to be the adherent of, openly or privately; to persist in, as a purpose; to maintain; to sustain.
  • #*Bible, ii.15:
  • #*:Stand fast and hold the traditions which ye have been taught.
  • #*(John Dryden) (1631-1700)
  • #*:But still he held his purpose to depart.
  • #(lb) To restrain oneself; to refrain; to hold back.
  • #*(John Dryden) (1631-1700)
  • #*:His dauntless heart would fain have held / From weeping, but his eyes rebelled.
  • To win one's own service game.
  • To organise an event or meeting (usually in passive voice).
  • :
  • *, chapter=5
  • , title= The Mirror and the Lamp , passage=Here, in the transept and choir, where the service was being held , one was conscious every moment of an increasing brightness; colours glowing vividly beneath the circular chandeliers, and the rows of small lights on the choristers' desks flashed and sparkled in front of the boys' faces, deep linen collars, and red neckbands.}}
  • (lb) To derive right or title.
  • *(John Dryden) (1631-1700)
  • *:My crown is absolute, and holds of none.
  • *1817 , (William Hazlitt), ''
  • *:His imagination holds immediately from nature.
  • Antonyms
    * release
    Derived terms
    * be left holding the baby * holdall * hold a candle * hold a grudge * hold accountable * hold back * hold court * hold down * holder * holdfast * hold forth * holding * hold it * hold off * hold on * hold on to * hold one's breath * hold one's fire * hold one's horses * hold one's liquor * hold one's own * hold one's peace * hold out * hold over * hold responsible * hold someone's feet to the fire * hold the cards * hold the fort * hold the line * hold to account * hold up * hold-ups * hold water * hold with the hare and run with the hounds * uphold * withhold * See also'' held''' ''and'' ' holding


    (en noun)
  • A grasp or grip.
  • * , chapter=7
  • , title= Mr. Pratt's Patients , passage=Old Applegate, in the stern, just set and looked at me, and Lord James, amidship, waved both arms and kept hollering for help. I took a couple of everlasting big strokes and managed to grab hold of the skiff's rail, close to the stern.}}
    Keep a firm hold on the handlebars.
  • Something reserved or kept.
  • We have a hold here for you.
  • The property of maintaining the shape of styled hair.
  • * 2004 , Zoe Diana Draelos, Hair Care: An Illustrated Dermatologic Handbook (page 221)
  • Sculpturing gels provide stiffer hold than styling gels, which provide better hold than mousses.
  • (wrestling) A position or grip used to control the opponent.
  • He got him in a tight hold and pinned him to the mat.
  • (gambling) The percentage the house wins on a gamble, the house or bookmaker's hold.
  • *
  • The House Hold on the game is 10,000, this is the amount of decision or risk the house wishes to assume.
  • (gambling) The wager amount, the total hold .
  • *
  • As of Monday night the total Melbourne Cup hold was $848,015
  • (tennis) An instance of .
  • * 1898 , , Chapter 4
  • So I felt my way down the passage back to the vault, and recked not of the darkness, nor of Blackbeard and his crew, if only I could lay my lips to liquor. Thus I groped about the barrels till near the top of the stack my hand struck on the spile of a keg, and drawing it, I got my mouth to the hold .
  • A fruit machine feature allowing one or more of the reels to remain fixed while the others spin.
  • (video games, dated) A pause facility.
  • * 1983 , New Generation Software, Knot in 3D (video game instruction leaflet)
  • A hold facility is available; H holds, and S restarts.
  • * 1987 ?, Imagine Software, Legend of Kage (video game instruction leaflet)
  • SCREEN 5 — Perhaps the toughest — going like the clappers sometimes works but generally you'll have to be smarter than that. If things get a little too hectic and you don't even have time to reach the HOLD key, try taking a short rest below the top of the stairs.
    Derived terms
    * foothold * handhold * household * no holds barred * on hold * stronghold * threshhold * military hold * personal hold


    See also

    * behold

    Etymology 3

    Alteration (due to (m)) of (m). Cognate with (etyl) .


    (en noun)
  • (nautical, aviation) The cargo area of a ship or aircraft, (often cargo hold ).
  • Put that in the hold .